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Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
, white, black brown yellow and red. mccarthy stood there quietly in the midst of the chaos and took it all in. he knew he had found home. the good earth commune was a central part of the second wave of the haight asbury settlement. the commune was founded in 1968 i am ex-convict whom he had met in prison where he served four and a half years for armed robbery. the idea came while he was on parole and working on the rapid transit those being constructed in and debate. he in this ex-con friends pooled their resources and move to the haight. at first it was a small group of the men and the women you love them but the good earth rapidly growing to us a sprawling network of the half-dozen houses in the haight and the loose ever-changing membership that was estimated to number over 700 people. the good earth commune took over where the dickers left off in many ways they were tougher and more resilient. the core group is in the commune were lighthearted young men and women, ex-cons vietnam betters streetwise runaways who knew how to survive through to that call themselves the church and claim
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
a ladies' man. strikingly handsome. piercing brown eyes. olive skin and irrepressible sense of confidence. most were sharecroppers, a former slaves and scramble then the red clay fields the promise had withered like the spring grass seared by the summer sun. even his father who gave him that lighter skin never giving him legitimacy. t2 was born a slave and the man who's a identity he may have never known. he moves to birmingham alabama. but ultimately to provide the raw materials for the automobile industry, the manufacturing industry, and i take the liberty with the pulitzer prize-winning book but there's an awful history that is an iconic place for the civil rights struggle. what can dolphus do in birmingham? >> guest: he did not want to be a farmer or sharecropper. this was not segregated. reef being given as representatives but. >> it was not uncommon but someone who wanted to make his mark could do that. he buys property. >> host: so he is an amazing character. and is the most distant relative with this story but also people know him and how you could write about the life
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2